How much does a solar system cost?

Figuring out how much a solar system will cost you is not as easy as you’d think. While there are many solar systems advertised for cheap they typically end up costing the customer much more than expected.

The issue with cheap solar systems

Solar companies that advertise a very low price for solar panels and inverters , usually don’t say anything about the brand. When you make an enquiry after poor performance, they up-sell you to better hardware, and you can end up paying much more.

What to be wary of when choosing a solar company

The first thing to look for is, do they have in-house install teams?

Cheap companies often outsource to subcontractors. This means they’re not responsible if something goes wrong with the install. They pay low install rates, and this leads to poor quality installations.

The next, are they a ‘bob’ (one-man band)?

If your solar provider is a one-man show and has packed up his shop or has gone out of business, he will not ensure his customer guarantees are met. In this case you will not be able to get any customer service or aftercare.

Be careful with ‘bobs’. If they go out of business, which can easily happen since they aren’t able to compensate for any bigger financial loss, you won’t be given a solution for any solar product or performance issues.

What to look for in a high quality solar system

What can you expect to pay for a quality solar system?

For good quality solar systems in Australia, you can expect to pay:

2 kW $3500 – $6000

3 kW $4500 – $7500

4 kW $5500 – $9500

5 kW $7000 – $10,500

10 kW $13,500 – $26,000

Source: Clean Energy Council

The above prices already include the solar rebate. The costs can increase if the design of your home makes the system installation more difficult.

If you’d like to get a custom assessment of your home for a solar energy system, get in touch. We’ll connect you with a local, dedicated solar specialist and find the best solar system for you.

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