Don’t fall for cheap solar quotes; look for quality

Are you in the process of getting quotes to find the best solar system for your home? If you’re seeing a cheap solar quotes, be careful.

Getting multiple quotes is a good start to find the right system. But with such variation in quotes, you might have difficulty determining what you should pay for a high quality solar system.

When it comes to minimising your energy bills, it is crucial to understand why these quotes vary so much and what you are getting for the quoted price. To make the best decision for your home and your family, there are a few things you should know.

What does a high quality solar system cost?

According to the Clean Energy Council, here are the average costs for the most popular system sizes in residential solar installations:

These prices are a guide provided by the peak body for renewable energy in Australia.

Why Are Some Solar Quotes Much Cheaper Than Others?

Now you might wonder why some of the quotes you received were up to 200% lower than the prices provided by the Clean Energy Council.

The truth is, there are solar companies out there sacrificing the quality of installation, the quality of the solar panels and inverters and the level of customer service and warranties attached to your system.

Why? To make the system seem more appealing to you by cutting costs.

Do cheap solar systems perform the same?

A cheap solar system may initially seem to perform similarly. However the big difference is that a higher quality and therefore more expensive system will ensure a lower degradation rate of your solar panels.

You will also receive better warranties, aftercare you can rely on and higher quality solar technology which will perform better with different levels of shading.

If lasting performance and reliable customer service are important to you, be wary of cheap solar quotes. Especially those you see advertised for under $3k on TV.

How Do I Choose The Best Solar System?

Although we offer the best solar systems in partnership with the best in-house installation team in Australia, you should get a few quotes to see which options you have.

But here’s the john dory: you must compare quotes for the same system size and the same quality solar panels and inverters. It makes no sense to compare two totally different system sizes or an LG panel with a no name panel.

What to ask yourself before falling for a cheap solar quote

When receiving quotes for your solar energy system, be sure to ask yourself the following questions.

You can feel more confident that the system has been designed for you when you’ve been asked the right questions.

If it’s a package being advertised with a standard size and price, BE WARY. Understand the quality of the system you are being quoted on before being tricked by the cheap quote.

What if I decide to go for the cheap quote?

Be prepared for the following issues.

What does Econnect Solar recommend?

Choose a quality solar system that is well designed for your roof and your daily power usage. Look at the panel warranties, for both performance and product.

Go with a company that offers quality panels and inverters as well a support with electrical extras. An experienced team of in-house electricians will help you with electrical faults or upgrades needed to ensure a high performing system.

Econnect Solar is here to help, so if you are looking for a high quality solar system with industry leading warranties and an experienced in-house team of electricians that works on each and every job, give us a buzz on 1300 047 889 or click here.

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