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Get the best solar panels, inverters and add-ons from world-renowned brands, Australian owned suppliers, and electrical extras from qualified electricians.

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Qualified Electricians; Electrical Extras

If during your initial assessment we find your electrical setup needs updating, you can trust in our team of qualified electricians to provide electrical extras when and where you need them.

Electrical Switchboard Upgrades

Having a team of licensed electricians on hand during your initial assessment means we can virtually assess whether your switchboard is up to code.

If we find that it needs updating, our in-house team of sparkies can professionally upgrade this for you.

As regulations vary depending on your state, you will always be supported by a qualified electrician licensed in your local area.

Suited to:

  • Single Phase Minor Upgrade
  • Single Phase Major Upgrade
  • Multi Phase Minor Upgrade
  • Multi Phase Major Upgrade
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Mains Upgrade

If you have outrageous power bills, you may need a larger than normal solar system to cover them. In this situation a qualified electrician needs to make sure the cables that supply power to your home are big enough to support a larger system, and that they comply with the standards of your network distributor.

During your free energy assessment we will check to see if your cabling is up to scratch and if not we can upgrade your mains cables for you. Unlike other solar companies that require subcontractors to complete these electrical jobs, our in-house sparkies are qualified to perform these upgrades.

Suited to:

  • Older buildings
  • Cotton insulation
  • Rubber insulation
  • Cables that do not comply with current regulations
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Underground Cable Run

As solar technology improves, electrical wiring and underground cabling may need to be upgraded or replaced.

You may also find that if you’re living on a large property and want to install a ground mount system, that you need a new power source.

The cost of your underground cable run will depend upon the length and diameter of the cable required, as well as any necessary electrical switchboard upgrades.

Suited to:

  • Businesses
  • Shed installations
  • Large properties
  • Ground Mount Systems
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